USA & Canada Shipping Options

Aqua Fleet Solutions uses various commercial shipping and logistics providers to ensure that your product reaches its destination on time and for the right price.

The type and method of shipment for your order is determined once your order has been submitted. We will then confirm the provider and cost with you.


Purolator is a Canadian Shipping, Freight, and Logistics provider delivering shipments commercially, within Canada or to the U.S.

Offering various services, ranging from small to larger size freight shipments Purolator is one of Aqua Fleet Solutions’ preferred Shippers.

Day & Ross

Day & Ross is a transborder transportation company, giving Aqua Fleet Solutions the ability to supply our customers with LTL or FTL shipments through out the United States and Canada.

In addition their Temperature Controlled and Dangerous Goods transportation capabilities allow for swift shipments of our chemical products.

A.C.E. Courier Services

Covering most of British Columbia and Alberta, A.C.E. Courier Services is one of our go to courier services when it comes to getting product quickly and safely to our customers.

Their ability to ship locally as well as throughout Western Canada gives Aqua Fleet Solutions an additional edge when it comes to getting our product to you.

Aqua Fleet Solutions also uses other third-party shipping providers should the order or product have different characteristics/delivery requirements.
For further questions please feel free to contact us.