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Our Exclusive SW1000 Distributorship is BIG News!

The exceptional cleaning power of SW1000 has been so impressive, Aqua Fleet Solutions has signed on as the exclusive Canadian supplier! SW1000 is a revolutionary, non-toxic, bio-degradable liquid alkaline cleaner. 25 years of research and development, market testing, and independent and corporate testimonials have verified the safety and cleaning power of SW1000.

The excellent performance of SW1000 will break all cost barriers to provide substantial savings over time. Use it on any job, big or small to remove the toughest grime. SW1000 is ideal for cleaning tanks and industrial equipment, pressure washing units and steam machines.


• for industrial and household use
• for light to extra heavy-duty cleaning jobs
• non-toxic, water-based formula (petroleum-free)
• no flash point, phosphates or chlorine solvents
• no noxious vapors or odors
• no special permits required for usage


A heavy-duty degreaser, SW1000 takes on the most difficult cleaning tasks. SW1000 is the only truly green, environmentally-safe product that we are aware of that can commercially and satisfactorily clean #6 oil, crude oil, heavy carbon, PCB’s and even asphalt from tanks, equipment, tools, trucks, etc. We have some very discerning customers who will validated these claims. Some of these testimonials come from army corps engineers, the US Navy, power plant operators, DOT groups, municipal transit systems, tug and barge operators, refinery and storage facility operators and more!


Sure there are other effective cleaners. But what sets SW1000 apart from its competition is its safety record. In an environment that includes babies, seniors, pets and household plants, these groups are not subjected to the negative odors and risks of combustible vapors and other hazardous components that are found in competing wash formulas. SW1000’s high performance within these extreme parameters set it apart from its competition.

This heavy-duty degreaser may be used in a household setting, on  pleasure craft, in restaurants, schools and nursing homes as an everyday cleaner. Within these environments, a recommended dilution starts at 5 to 36 parts water to one part product.


The combination of excellent performance and safety means SW1000 will break all cost barriers to provide substantial savings over time.

For further inquiries, please contact Mike at [email protected]


  1. Richard Noble says

    I am interested in purchasing used 55 gallon sealed lid plastic barrels which have had soap in them. Do you have any companies in North Carolina where I might be able to purchase these?

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