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Aluminum & Stainless Steel Brighteners

Aqua Fleet Solutions deals with dirt using a “One-Two Punch” strategy; First the brightener. Then the soap. Step 1 involves the use of an acid-based brightener to loosen the “dirt bond” and remove the oxidation layer. This will prepare the surface for the Step 2 application of a neutralizing soap.

$375 per 55-gallon drum
Also available in 5-gallon pails, minimum order of 4 pails
(Please call for shipping rates)

Most aluminum brighteners tend to leave a chalky, bleached finish, which accumulates over time. But not Magic Wash. A real workhorse, use Magic Wash with cold water on the toughest wash jobs to achieve a high-luster and smooth finish. Brushless too. Magic Wash is the brightener we most often recommend!

  • Premium, proprietary blend of hydrofluoric (HF) acid and other compounds
  • Removes the thickest oxidation layers
  • No brushing required
  • Many of our customers use no other brightener!

Available in 55-gallon drums
Also available in 5-gallon pails, minimum order of 4 pails
(Please call for product pricing & shipping rates)

Science has finally formulated an effective, user-friendly cleaning alternative to hydrofluoric acid. Eco Magic is safe on most metals, including aluminum, polished aluminum, copper, chrome and stainless steel. It is suitable for jobs where achieving shine is desired, yet remaining brushless is a priority. Used with Armadillo or Leopard soap, Eco Magic compares well with traditional aluminum brighteners, without the high toxicity risks.

This wonder cleaner is the only acid technology that can be shipped as “non-regulated” via marine and ground transport! Use Eco Magic as an acid pre-soak to a touchless car wash. Other applications include use on boats, aluminum trailers, small truck fleets, grout and bowl cleaning, bay and wall cleaning, de-scaling and de-liming — and no brushing is required!

A robust, yet gentle brightener, Eco Magic is a blend of four different acids, including citric acid. Citric acid reduces the corrosive levels that were associated with aluminum brighteners of the past. Eco Magic will brighten aluminum to a true satin shine, while effectively removing grime, algae, scum, lime deposits, water line stains and oxidation.

  • Non-irritating to skin and biodegradable
  • Low aquatic toxicity and low fuming
  • Phosphate-free and contains no VOC’s
  • DOT / TDG / IMO / IATA classified as non-regulated for transport
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance

$325 per 55-gallon drum
Also available in 5-gallon pails, minimum order of 4 pails
(Please call for shipping rates)

Take advantage of Citrus Technology and avoid the hazards and side effects associated with common acid brighteners. Pink Magic contains an even higher percentage of citric acid than Eco Magic. Pink Magic excels in removing algae, scum, lime deposits, water line stains and oxidation.

  • An “eco-friendly” brightener
  • Special surfactants and detergents are blended into these  brighteners to release oils, greases and virtually any other  foreign material
  • Remove all oxidation with cold water and without brushing!
  • Safe for all polished aluminum when applied properly

$329 per 55-gallon drum
Also available in 5-gallon pails, minimum order of 4 pails
(Please call for shipping rates)

A non-HF aluminum and stainless steel brightener, Blue Magic is a special blend of phosphoric and sulfuric acids. Blue Magic effortlessly removes road film, grime, algae, lime deposits, water line stains, scum and oxidation, leaving a “satin” finish. Applications include trailers, meat plants and anytime where aluminum and stainless steel needs to be brought back to its original finish.

Blue Magic is:

  • suitable for rusty steel and yellowed paint
  • spray or brush on to soak for a few minutes
  • high-foaming properties and a pleasant smell
  • effective when used with hot or cold water, especially when paired with Cobra or Leopard soap
  • scrub-free technology

Its pleasant smell and high-foaming properties work well when used with hot or cold water, especially when paired with Cobra or Leopard soap. Scrub-free too!