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Please use common sense. Safety measures should always be taken around any product bearing hazardous labels. Even in diluted form, these products can create serious burns through sufficient exposure. Proper use and maintenance of safety glasses (or preferably, face shields), rubber gloves, rubber boots and a rain suit that is checked regularly for tears and holes should be enforced.

Aluminum Brightener Burns

Almost all Aluminum Brighteners contain a percentage of hydrofluoric acid. The standard First Aid for any acid burn is to immediately flush with large amounts of water. An Aluminum Brightener burn can rapidly penetrate the layers of skin, possibly making flushing with water alone ineffective.

Aluminum Brightener is used around the United States with remarkably few cases of serious burns. Its safe use is predicated on common sense, safety training and preparation. These will insure many years of accident-free use.

Caustic Burns

Caustic burns from alkaline wash products are less common than brightener burns, but can occur. Generally they require longer exposure, such as when clothing becomes soaked and is in contact for a longer period of time. The treatment is to halt exposure and flush with plenty of water for 30 minutes. Any exposure to the eyes should be treated as a medical emergency.

Waste Water Disposal

Please respect our environment and dispose of waste water responsibly! Operators should ensure that disposal of waste water conform to all federal, state and local government regulations. Check with your jurisdiction representatives for proper adherence to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines and protocol.